3 Huge Modern Battle-Maps for Roll 20 & Printing

Get your hands or 3 Huge modern Battle-Maps. One is a villain lair full of details, perfect for detective kind of game and superhero like, even post-apocalyptic and cyberpunk, another one is a set of ruined building perfect for a battle scene with snipers on roofs and action pack gun fights, and the last one is a very dark alley with amazing horror like lighting with plenty of place for a gang or thug fight!! Maps are Roll 20 ready, just drag and drop for a huge 44+ inch of action.The maps also come in a smaller high rsolution format that you can print.

The maps are amazingly detailed, high quality image of the highest level. All maps come with a grid and no grid version in high and in low resolution.

One map also contains a 3d player view for more immersion!

put your hands on these beauties for the bet experience ever.

This product is priced at $4.75


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