5e Adventure – Battle Lines


The drums are beating, the boss are sounding, and the horns are blaring. The march of thousands of feet cross the plains, and the enemy comes into view. It’s time for full on battle!

Battle Lines is an optional expansions to your games of Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition, providing a framework for placing your party at the centre of massive battles. It provides rules forassembling enemies as organized battle units rather than the more traditional monster skirmishers, as well as offering special rules for unique formations such as the line, phalanx, repelling ring and wedge.

The adventure module also provides eleven unique scenarios for player party encounters in the middle of aa battlefield, each assuming the party fight as one unit whilst the battle rages around them as a narrative backdrop, the party’s actions influencing the outcome of the battle but without having to take direct control of an army and instead fighting in the traditional 5e way – as a party against groups of enemies.

On top of these, the module also offers advice on how best to asemble units from a variety of races common to D&D, and gives a small collection of special champions and unique character units to spice up your game’s battle.


This module can be played alone, or as a companion piece to other works, most notably¬†Besiege, a similar guide to having a player party lay siege to an enemy stronghold, breach it’s walls and fight to ultimate victory.


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