Gatekeeper Playbook – Ms. Derringer

When they call you in, things are already getting serious. You’re the Gatekeepers’ fixer, their sharpened tool for dealing with the big problems. It’s not always an execution (although those are refreshingly straightforward calls) but when a Rift is too much for the rank and file or too tricky for standard obfuscation, “Derringer” is the one they put on the case to make sure it’s dealt with properly.

This playbook is ready to be played as a PC in your City of Mist story with full powers, improvements and new tags to change her as you play, and compelling artwork. It uses the Gatekeeper rules outlined in Shadows and Showdowns to take an alternate look at the city. Check out our other products here or at the City of Dangers blog!

This product is priced at $2.95


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