The Scárian

Choose from 7 completely different, unique dynasties, all designed off different moth species. Each one suited for a completely unique playstyle. 

Experiment with different classes, backgrounds and feats for all sorts of unique character builds.


Includes extensive lore on the Scárian species and each Dynasty to aid in your characters creation and backstory. Learn about the creation of the Scárian and the ancient legend of the Mother of the Moon. Discover the deeply held customs of each Dynasty, from their prayers to their sacred celebrations.


  • Gain a dynamic edge in combat using your four independent arms. Become the master of Quadrivial force.
  • Choose from various racial feats and optional quirks for even more in depth character creation as well as unique optional rules for survival based campaigns.
  • Includes 8 completely unique stat blocks representing each Dynasty’s warriors with custom tokens for online tabletop usage.

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