The Weald

The Weald is a 28mm Skirmish Wargame inspired by the folkhorror genre.

The Weald is a once lively forest that has been plagued with a horrific disease, transforming plants, animals, and entire landscapes into a foul plague known as the Gnarl. The Gnarl seek to overtake the Weald, as they destroy small townships with ease. Nobles and Leaders have long since run out of guards, and have taken to hiring Wardens to defend their towns from the Gnarl threat.

Players create Warbands of Models that battle through Scenarios on the tabletop. Choose between the Warden and Gnarl factions in this easy to learn all in one rulebook. Extensive Warband creation and freedom coupled with a simple, narrative driven skirmish wargaming ruleset is what The Weald stands for.

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