Amazing Adventures Starsiege

Worlds upon worlds beckon you….

Beyond the next horizon lies the uncharted future where science and fiction meet, a line beyond which lies a stellar wilderness defined only by our own imagination. Countless worlds upon worlds await in that vast black void, worlds of swords and sorcery, super science and cyberpunk netrunning, quantum mechanics, light speed engines and laser swords.

Gigantic powered mechs and giant kaiju battle on the ground while starships roar through nebulae in a desperate attempt to take down evil galactic empires while giant generation ships explore the unmapped regions of deep space, contacting new intelligences and seeking only to find a home among the stars…

This is StarSIEGE.

StarSIEGE is a sourcebook for the Amazing Adventures role playing game, and is equally compatible with Castles & Crusades and other SIEGE Engine games. Within its pages you will find:

  • Alien races and sci-fi character classes
  • Rules for computer hacking and cyberpunk netrunning
  • Rules for Kaiju monsters and battle mechs
  • Optional skill packages and rules for creating sci-fi equipment
  • Stats for laser and plasma guns, laser swords and other gear
  • Starship rules and statistics
  • Solar Burn, a complete futuristic campaign setting that combines space opera with cyberpunk and the backdrop of an interstellar war
  • The gateway to taking your SIEGE Engine games to the stars and beyond
  • And so much more!

This is the book you’ve waited for. The SIEGE Engine goes Galactic. Have you got what it takes?

This product is priced at $9.00


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