An Expanded Array of Enchanted Items

“With the dragon slain, the party fans out and begins to methodically search through the horde, as they have done many times before. A number of strange artifacts catch their eye, including a gilded shield and a glowing pair of leather boots. The wizard sits down on the smooth stone and begins to connect to the Weave, searching for the true purpose and use of these strange items…”

Hello again everyone! This release marks my first foray into the publication of my magical items for 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons. Every one of the eight items listed here has seen use in my home game, and have been met with positive reception from my players. I hope you find similar responses in your games, as many of these artifacts have a plethora of potential uses. 

If this interests you, I have also released a variety of spells and subclasses for 5th Edition D&d. All of those are free, and should be listed under my products below. I publish something new every other Friday, so be sure to keep an eye out for future releases! I can be found on Twitter @quinnthegm, so feel free to reach out there. I hope you enjoy!

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