Starship Warden: The Goya

The Goya is a cruiser with a crew of just six to eight, whose simple mission is to seek salvage on the furthest regions of deep space. Its sleek design and roguish crew make the Goya the perfect ship to plunder the abandoned hulks that people the known systems.

The Goya is named for the acclaimed Spanish Romantic painter. While many nobles and art patrons knew of his astounding attention to detail, color, and realism, it was his lesser-known works, hidden in the walls of his very home, that revealed a man torn by conflict and one who saw the darkness, chaos, and madness that attend every voyage our species has ever taken….

Welcome to the Goya, your new home.

The Goya is a supplement for the Starship Warden adventure set and Amazing Adventures: StarSIEGE RPG, designed to offer the characters a touching off base and place to regroup as they explore and plunder the mighty ship. However, converting it to any system is relatively easy.

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