Temporarily Discounted Product: Shadow of the Storm Tyrant (Giantslayer 6 of 6)

The thrilling conclusion of the Giantslayer Adventure Path! Emerging from a fire giant dungeon into a volcano’s caldera, the heroes spy the Storm Tyrant’s stolen cloud castle floating high above. From there, they must storm the stronghold as it takes off into the sky, engaging in bloody battle with the ruthless storm giant’s elite guardians and allies. Finally, the heroes must face the Storm Tyrant himself-alongside his dominated red dragon-to put an end to his megalomaniacal push for power. Will the heroes defeat Volstus the Storm Tyrant, or will all of Avistan bend its knee to the mighty warlord and his giant armies?

This product is produced by Paizo and is priced at $22.99 but is currently discounted at Game Kastle to the priced of $11.49


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