Woodrum’s Curious Collection of Village Map Details

A Collection of Brief Write Ups For The Occupants and Details of Various Buildings Located On Fantasy Setting Village Maps

So you’ve got a village map… now what?

Its a dilemma that only a Game Master (GM) with writer’s block or a lack of time can fully appreciate. You’ve drawn up a village map, downloaded one from an online generator, or bought a ready to use one via pdf. However, once you start to write up the details of the map you suddenly find that you don’t have the time, energy, or inspiration to describe every location. Not a problem, right? Wrong! You’ve got a group of really nosy players, the kind that want to know everything about every little place. You’re next gaming session is two days away and the characters have to make a stop in town to gather up supplies and some clues about their next adventure. So what are you going to do now?

Don’t freak out. We’ve got the solution.
Woodrum’s Curious Collection Of Village Map Details is an exhaustive list of 100 different fleshed out localities. How does this product help you? Simple. You provide the map and we provide the details. Whenever a player stumbles on a location in the village/town/city that they want to know more about you simply roll the percentile die and consult the corresponding numbered information. Don’t like using the dice or dealing with awkward random results? You can simply choose a preferred entry on your own instead.
Want to prep a bit more before hand or keep track of what random rolls connect to what area on the map? We’ve got you covered on that as well. The author has thoughtfully included a blank form that allows you to enter the number of the map’s building and the location details that you’ve rolled up/chosen for the location.
For example: Let’s say the characters stumble across building number 348 on that huge fantasy city map. You roll the dice and come up with location details 14. You will enter 348 on the map number column and 14 (with some brief info.) on the location details column.
On a final note, like this product but don’t have a suitable map? We’ve provided a few maps sourced from a generator to get you started.
Note: Special thanks to designer watabou for providing the gaming community in general with an online creation source of these maps. You can get more of these awesome maps at: watabou.itch.io/village-generator

The entries in this product lean heavily towards the lesser explored crafts as well as more common/frequently encountered field workers and laborers. You will find some of the other choices but  such will be rare. The author chose this type of mix intentionally. Quite often the GM will have the inns/taverns, blacksmith, armor makers, weapon crafters, leather workers, etc. already fleshed out and planned. These are the villagers, professions, and locations that are likely to be the most tied to the main story line. They will also be more likely to have predetermined spots on the village map. On the other hand, the GM may not always have immediate details about the sort of folks that craft bells, sell meat pies, dry herbs, make shoes, hammer out buckles, and fire bits of pottery. Villagers such as these are the ones that the author has chosen to focus on more in this product.

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