8 Unique Magic Item Sets for your DnD5e Experience

Fear those who own the Undead Regalia, their unholy fortitude and deep insight into the condition of the deathless makes them terrible adversaries!

Tremble before the mighty implements of the Giant Armament. Items crafted by Giants for the smaller folk (that means you) for impressive ends!

Shun those who amass the Powers of the Blood Mage, wielders of dreaded magic that use blood of their foes and of themselves to great effect!

These three-part Item sets and many more await you in this document! DMs and Players alike should look into them.
Their single powers make them up to be of uncommon rarity, but as sets their power grows steadily until you have all three items of one set. Go forth and collect them to your hearts delight!

This product includes the following Set Items:

  • Undead Regalia
  • Nature’s Embrace
  • Blood Mage
  • Giant Armament
  • Tamed Mimic
  • Snake’s Charm
  • Gift of the Deep
  • Dwarven Defender

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