Adventure Frameworks just shared: “The End Has Come!”

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I’m sorry to report that I’ve decided to close Adventure Frameworks 🙁

When this Patreon first began in Sept 2016, it was to make some cool, short adventures, and raise some much needed $$ for artwork so we could publish the Midlands Low Magic Sandbox Setting on Lulu. And it certainly did that! 

In fact, in combination with Dyson Logos’ commercial use maps, there would be no Pickpocket Press without this Patreon and your amazing support.

Over time however, our adventures have grown larger and more labour intensive, and at Pickpocket Press we now have so many projects we’re working on, we just can’t maintain our monthly commitment here.

I want to take this opportunity to express a HEARTFELT THANK YOU to everyone who has ever been a patron. I hope we helped bring the fun to the table over the years.

Now this doesn’t mean Pickpocket Press won’t be continuing to make adventures for Low Fantasy Gaming and Lowlife 2090 – we most certainly will be! We just wont be making them every month, and we will release them direct to DTRPG instead.

Of course there will be no Patreon charge for this month. We’ll officially close down the Patreon at the end of the July. If you have any recent dropbox links you haven’t yet downloaded, now’s probably a good time to download them, but we’ll leave dropbox as is until the end of the year or so, before we do a clean up.

Once again THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone for your patronage over the years! 

65 adventures! Holy shit!

Take care, keep on gaming, and hope to see you on our Discord servers!

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