City of Mist – Case Concept Generator

A compelling backstory mixing mundane and myth, vice and victims, is essential for an engaging City of Mist case. The Case Concept Generator gives you the tools to create such a concept.

Answer the most pertinent questions to making a great case by using tables of pre-generated content featuring dozens of legends, crimes, character motivations, and noir tropes, alongside helpful examples.

Use this guide to create your own cases for the City of Mist Garage!

City of Mist is a comic-book film-noir RPG, where you play ordinary individuals with legendary powers and hit the streets of a haunted modern-day city in search for answers. With a simple but powerful narrative game system and unique character motivation and evolution mechanics, City of Mist will let you experience just what happens when everyday life on the streets awakens to unfathomable mythical forces from within.

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