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The Cree Awakening is near and humanity is at crossroads in the August Release. Check out all the cool thematic minis we have prepared and learn more about the story behind this collection below!

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5000 years ago
Cree has divided our galaxy into parts. Our solar system is just an extremely tiny part of the 2nd Quadrant. But it is not small enough to avoid attention. Resourceful planets and intelligent life has made it a core of Zahrapatra‘s interstellar operations and she quickly became the Queen of the 2nd Quadrant

But the Cree rulers regularly fight each other and her adversaries have sent a fleet to destroy everything she’s built. In order to withstand, she would require allies. She looked around at clumsy humans. They were placing rocks upon rocks in the shape of her pyramid spaceship to impress her like needy children. They could not help her. But maybe they could not help her.. yet?

The Cree technology is beyond imagination, but so is the universe. Zahrapatra has created a time dilatating relativity sphere around the solar system. Although it would take 1 year for the enemy fleet to arrive, 5000 years would pass on Earth. The first step of the plan.

Then, countless humans were kidnapped, placed in sarcophagi, and stored in her ship. The nanomites working inside them for 5 millennia would transform them into relentless Cree Nanomummies

Thousand of humans have gathered to farewell Zarapathra when she was ready to leave Earth. The last to enter the ship was Centauri Anubis, the queen’s lover and enforcer. He looked around at humans he despised. Their chants and screams annoyed him. The plan to count on them in the incoming invasion seemed desperate to him. He took out a disintegration laser cannon and wiped out the entire crowd in a bloody massacre. He’d later be worshipped as a God of Death.   

The Polyhedron left the Earth and docked safely in the last place anyone would search, the Titan. Zarapathra has put herself and her army to a long sleep.

The years have passed, our civilization went from the iron age to the industrial age, the atomic age, the information age, and beyond. We’ve sent men to the moon, we’ve invented Instagram, we’ve destroyed Mars. The Grid was created, the software living in it has created an army of Evil Mortimers from the essence of the portal-traveling inventor. 

We have relished in authoritarianism and gave more and more power to the police. Rick Blake was administered as a police brutality officer, in charge of… increasing the police’s brutality which gets the job done faster and with less paperwork. We’ve started wars with other civilizations. We’ve killed, lied, and stole. Everything was going well.

Baramuth was sitting behind his spaceship’s console. His cargo was full of ancient Cree artifacts. Just one more stop before the pawnshop. His crew consisted of 2 members. They were fairly proficient in locating the Cree ruins but good for nothing else. Judah Starwalker had zero self-awareness, he was convinced that he is actually the ship’s captain. Indiana was way too obsessive and currently playing with the zap gun artifact she has found. It could actually disintegrate people, what a bomb! But it was not enough. She was disappointed. She has wanted one that turns people into snakes. Baramuth sighed. He prepared to land next to the pyramid on the dark side of the Titan. 

When they have landed, something was off. The pyramid started to emit blue light. A single figure was standing outside of it. “Stand down or I will turn you into a snake!” screamed Indiana pointing the zap gun at him. Baramuth sighed again and took the gun from her. 

The figure introduced himself as Boy’c, the Nannomummies’ Handler. He explained that he has slept for 5000 years and that all the Cree are now awakening. That soon the invasion of the fleet of Scarab Drones will begin. That he should kill them right now but decided to warn them instead. That he had 5000 year long nightmares about atrocities he has witnessed done by Centauri Anubis and the Cree. That the Queen is planning to use humans as pawns in her fight. That she will surely destroy humanity afterward, scared of it gaining access to her technology. 

They have talked for a while and then rush to Titan City to pass on the news to the person in charge.

The news was unexpected. Ryan Ricksson drank one scotch, then another, and another, weighing pros and cons. Should he join the queen or should he fight her with everything he’s got? Is the invasion real? Is it worse than her? Fight or Join? Fight or Join?

Well aware of the awakening and the invasion was the Space Utopia Collective, lurking in the orbit. The Skydevils were full of Automaton Conscripts waiting for the order, waiting for how the situation unfolds. There was only one unknown left. If the humans will join the Cree, they will both become enemies of utopia and face the purging power of the collective. But if they will choose to fight against the Cree, the collective will help them with both the queen and the invasion. But they have to decide for themselves. 

A single Supaku Cloaksuit was standing right next to Ryan Ricksson, undetectable, unseen. His gun was pointing at the back of his head, waiting for the decision. 

So what will it be? Fight or Join?

– Invisa troopers, stand down!
– You know I could see them this entire time, right?

Thank you for celebrating the anniversary with us and we hope very much to see you in the next one, one year from now! In the meantime, we will do everything we can to bring you the best minis, especially with all the cool sci-fi inspirations coming this year, with Dune and Matrix movie re-releases! It’s gonna be great!

Stay Cyber!
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