Den stora boken med karaktärer (Morgalad) Volume 23


  Oftentimes we find ourselves sitting around the table, with a set adventure path before our players, and the inevitable happens. One player is unprepared for the session or is in need of a new character.

  No problem. 

  Within this collection are 100 different characters. Each Character has an origin, a reason for leaving, family members and their disposition towards the character. Non-human Characters also have a middle name in common for non native speakers. Each character comes with character points to spend on abilities and the players can decide which profession they want to follow in the Morgalad Core RPG Book, and they have money to buy equipment. 

  Whether providing a new character after an unfortunate death or providing a new character for a new player this book provides random characters from level 1-5.

How to Use This Book

  Grab a set of percentile dice (d100) to give a random character or you can find a character at the correct level for your adventure. 

  Caution as some of the Characters are not furnished with abilities or equipment but are furnished with the character points and money to get abilities and equipment. So, gather your players, roll your dice, and Adventure On!

What You Will Need to Make Fantastic Adventures.

While you only need a set of percentile dice to use the tables contained in this book, we recommend partnering this book with any random plot hook or quest table, random encounter table, and random treasure table to create fully in-depth encounters.

  • Percentile Dice (D100)

  • Random Plot Hook or Quest Table

  • Random Encounter Table

  • Random Treasure or trap Tables

Handy examples of each of these can be found within many Role Playing Core Rulebooks similar to the examples found in our Morgalad Core RPG Book available at:

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