Scrapper: powered by 5e
is a unique sci-fi setting for 5e, where players take the roles of scrappers – hardworking salvage engineers who crawl through dangerous wrecks looking for valuables to sell. Using unique classes and abilities, they explore the wrecks of the Old War from their bases in the Star Graves. From here, they launch upon missions to discover the mysteries of the ancient battles, while fighting other scrappers, robots, drones, different void creatures and all the other dangers of the ‘Mos! 

The Scrapper: powered by 5e Scrapper Handbook gives players everything they need to start exploring the ‘Mos. In 128 full-colour pages with exclusive artwork, it gives you a full background of the setting and an overview of the sci-fi world you are going to become involved in. It also includes: 

– Outlines of the modifications to 5e rules, including new and varied skills to operate in the airless void and zero gravity. 

– Rules for 02, adding a ticking clock to your missions in the wrecks, and skill challenges to test your character’s skills against the dangers within! 

– 6 Unique Character Classes representing the types of void engineers who work within the Star Graves. 

– A unique list of 58 programs for the hacker character class to deploy. 

– 44 drone and shuttle abilities for the pilots to use while on their missions. 

– Equipment lists for tools, spacesuits, modifications and even scrapper bling to kit out your PC’s as they gain profit in their adventurers

– A complete guide to the setting of the ‘Mos, written from the unique perspective of one who has lived within it. “Are you ready, newb?” 

So take your first steps into the ‘Mos, and find out if you’ve got what it takes to survive and thrive in the wreckage of the Star Graves.  

Note: This book will need to be paired with the Scrapper: Powered by 5e Mission Director’s Handbook to get the full game experience – pick up our bundle deal here with both books for 24.99!


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