Captain Snowmane’s Guided Cruise Through the Domains of Dread




Welcome to Captain Snowmane’s Guided Cruise Through the Domains of Dread! Captain Snowmane—that’s me, and I have the distinct… pleasure of trying to keep you alive on this journey. Don’t dangle your hands into the water, for Heavens’ sake! In some of these Domains, it might grasp back at you…

Now, let me give you the brochure pitch of all these wonderfully gruesome and wickedly grotesque new Domains of Dread our little jaunt will take us through!


In this book, we prepared Nine New Domains of Dread to horrify and delight you and your players! You can see a preview and short description for each below.

Each Domain of Dread comes with:

  • an Overview Page to introduce you to the Domain and its Darklord
  • a quick run-down of Noteworthy Features for the DM to keep in mind
  • fleshed-out Settlements and Sites to visit during your adventures in the Domain
  • in-depth Backstory and Roleplay Advice for the Domain’s Darklord
  • Adventure Seeds to throw your players straight into the action
  • heeps of Additional Story Hooks and information to make the Domain come to life
  • Notes by Captain Snowmane herself to help live throug the experience
  • suggestions for Stat Blocks for the Darklords and even some unique new creatures
  • where appropriate, Domains also come with guidance to Create Characters from the Domain



Belissia, Domain of Toxic Positivity. Darklord Larian Songmoon is ever disappointed by his disciples failing to reach enlightenment, despite all the New Age fads he throws at them—behind his cheerful facade, rage lurks.


Eludia, Domain of the Unshackled City. Eludia is a would-be utopia beneath a sky of maddening nebulae, defined by endless civil war between it’s genius Founders—Eludia’s four competing Darklords!


Maru, Domain of Caste Violence. Maru is a visceral mirror of caste violence—its Darklord Vajra Baahu sins even in “atonement”, pleading with gods who no longer listen as his sacrificial yagya fire parches the land and consumes his people.


Glimmerdusk, Domain of Corrupted Fantasies. Glimmerdusk is a sparkly story-book of a Domain, written into existence by renowned children’s author P.B. Hoyles—but his fairytales always seem to take a dark turn…


Sumun, Domain of the Grieving King. Sumun is the Domain of the Grieving King, wandering the desert endlessly in search of a cure for death so nobody has to loose a friend again as he did… but neglecting his people in the process.


Muulberry Pasture, Domain of Infernal Agriculture. Tickle Pig haunts your dreams in idyllic Muulberry Pasture—this devil wants to drive you mad before you reach his factory… because that’s when long pig bacon tastes best!


Mornmire, Domain of Inevitability. Shrouded in fog, Mornmire’s very buildings mutate while Darklord Mobius Inanis races to uncover the secrets that might save his domain—only to be driven more mad by what he finds.


Vendledorf, Domain of Lamenting Memories. A shifting wasteland of forgotten legacies, where people struggle futilely against oblivion—like their Darklord, desperate to leave a mark on anything… and anyone.


Sikaga, Domain of Lights and Glamour. In Sikaga, praise and applause are life: a compliment can cost you a year—and you’ll still want to adore Darklord Valerie Valentina, the greatest singer who ever was.


Domain Authors: Bryan Holmes (@FallenWyvern), Darren Kenny (@DarkenCreations), Frederic Walker (@korartificer), Matthew Whitby (@WhitbyWrites), Matt Standfast, Miłosz Gawęcki (@Saffron_Quill), Nick Didato (@NickADidato), Rajib Kalita (@undeadrajib1), Tyler F.M. Edwards

Editing and Layout: Sven Truckenbrodt (@TheRubyFeather)