Kyuuketsuki: The Fading Sun

Warning: English language release.

Portuguese version here.

Kyuuketsuki: The Fading Sun is a sourcebook for Vampire: the Masquerade (3rd Edition) that contains a completely new scenery for chronicles set in Japan.

Play as one of the thirteen new bloodlines of Caine descendants based on Japanese legends.

Discover new powers, Disciplines and unique Rituals designed for this scenario.

Join one of the Eastern sects that want to preserve their oasis isolated from the conflicts between Camarilla, Sabbat and Anarchs.

113 pages with texts in English and many illustrations.


  • Historical adaptation of the scenario;
  • Bloodlines and Sects;
  • New Abilities, Backgrounds, Disciplines, Merits and Flaws, Path of Enlightenment,  Personality Archetypes, and Rituals;
  • Antagonists;
  • Sample characters.

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