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The volcanoes of the Southern Isles are a sight to behold. They are the stuff of legends, majestic, tall and intimidating. The cliffs are littered with entrances, large and small. Among these are manmade tunnels and halls, but most are natural caves. Some are no more than a dozen feet deep, while others linger on, deeper and deeper into the mountains.

In these caves you’ll find all sorts of monstrosities: giant spiders, trolls, carrion crawlers and umber hulks are but a few of the creatures that lurk in the dark. However, the islands are most famous for the dragon that is rumored to have her lair here. Marwolaeth, the ancient red dragon. She has been around since the Fall of Parretoa and both hero and villain of countless stories. 

In a thousand years she has acquired a hoard large enough to found a kingdom. That is, if one would be able to take it. In her long life she has never been bested, and none that set out to claim this hoard have been heard from again.

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