DC-POA-JAT-01 Ice to Mead You – Kobold Craziness part 1

When two elves disappear while delivering mead to Easthaven, the Mead merchants of Good Mead suspect the worst. That mead absolutely needs to be delivered! And sure, they want the elves saved too… if it’s possible.

A Four-Hour Adventure for Tier 1 Characters. Optimized for APL 1.

The first of four AL adventures in the Kobold Craziness Storyline, the rest will be available soon.

Part 2 – 

DC-POA-JAT-02 “More Than a Stealing”

Part 3 – 

DC-POA-JAT-03 “Two Kobolds in a Trenchcoat”

Part 4 – 

DC-POA-JAT-04 “The Enemy Mine”

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