Eightfold Paper just shared: “The School of Sorcery (Part 06) – Map Pack”

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We included a classroom last week and really wanted to end the series with a bang. Not just a bang… an alchemic bang! Craft your heart out in the sixth and final installment of The School of Sorcery that’ll delve into a classroom filled with potions and herbs.

There’s more magic! We also have an accompanying, specifically made for this battle map, an amazing music track from The Boy King of Idaho. He added some exclusive tracks on his page for this map. Check out the shared track called “Flight Of The Uncanny” on the download page down below.

Here’s the sixth part.

Your dark days as a permanent teacher feel like years. In mere days you turned grey and old… but not necessarily any the wiser. The reckless students and the overly meticulous professors had drowned your thoughts and turned you into a prophet of doom; seeing accidents and emergencies in all stone corners of the school.

Today you sit back and observe herbalism class; walls are endlessly decorated with glowing potions in a variety of colours, and at the end of the room near the cascading windows stands a remarkable, mesmerizing tree. “Its leaves and fruit are certainly used for alchemic purposes!” you think out loud. The students are tasked to craft a Potion of Healing. Certainly, nothing could go wrong when they’re crafting healing poti– and it was right there, at that moment, that a sinister prophesied vision appeared to you. It was a valuable skill that nobody but you, the newfound Prophet of Doom at The School of Sorcery, had learnt from your costly sleepless nights as a worrywart. You aren’t just a sceptic or pessimist, you certainly ascended these titles days ago.

Unfortunately, even you aren’t fast enough to stop what was brewing. One student’s black pot’s green goo turns to a hazy purple. The mystic haze surrounds the classroom’s standout tree that was so nicely cascaded at the window and leaves an alchemical symbol for a stamp on the tree’s trunk. The tree grows black pits for eyes, sharp teeth made from stalk splinters, and its branches move as arms. Your horror story is far from over as you’re now confronted by a massive, animated, not-so-friendly giant of a tree.

~ I’m hoping you enjoy these maps as much as we like making them. Stay tuned for a surprise series next month!


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