The Modular Cursed

Ever wanted to make an antagonist but you want something more complex than you would find in the monster manual, but you also don’t have time to make a player character sheet? This document might be for you!


This document provides a way of creating unique Cursed enemies, scaling from level 1-20, and gaining new powers and abilities to match the players. The unique modular way of creating enemies allows you to make a flexible creature with abilities that synergise regardless of the options you chose.

This document exclusively contains the content to make “Cursed” as part of a set of 5 different documents that can be found published as a bundle on my page.

Some people in the world have been cursed by various means, and a small number of them learn how to use this as a weapon against their foes. They have a variety of unique and powerful effects that only affect those that have been hurt by the cursed. Some curses are more potent than others while some have very broad effects on their foes.

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