Valas Hune’s Underdark Bestiary

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“…On the fringe of Menzoberranyr territory, Valas Hune could sense the genuine wilderness beyond. He could feel its vast and labyrinthine spaces and hear its pregnant silences. He could smell and taste its variations of rock and imagined himself simply slipping away into that limitless world… – Dissolution, War of the Spider Queen.

Valas Hune’s Underdark Bestiary contains more than 130 Underdark monsters & creatures, some completely original and some adapted to 5E from previous editions. 

In total, there are 133 monster stat blocks, all with beautiful art, in this book for the Dungeon Master to use in any campaign and adventure set in the Realm Below. From aquatic horrors such as the anguiliians and the ixzan to psychic aberrations, from the Children of Zuggtmoy to the Deep Dragonspawn of Tiamat, there are countless monsters in this book that will fit any Underdark campaign and also give the DM inspiration.

Valas Hune’s Underdark Bestiary is written as a field report to be presented to the higher officers of the Bregan D’aerthe. The bestiary is compiled by the legendary drow scout Valas Hune and includes the creatures and monsters he has encountered in the wilderness of the Underdark.

In time, the report has been edited by the scholars and loremasters of the Bregan D’aerthe and published in a commercialized format, becoming a best-seller among the drow travelers and adventurers.





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