Druids of the Planes

Druids of the Planes is your complete guide to creating a Druid with an origin outside of the prime material plane. Given that a Druid’s power and flavor rely heavily on the natural environment and the world around them, a planar druid aught to reflect the world they hail from. Whether you want to play a Drow Druid from the Underdark, a Dhampir druid from Shadowfell, a Githzerai Druid from the Astral Sea, or a Teifling Druid from the lower planes, this title includes a multitude of options for customizing your character to give it a flavor and playing style that matches their  background. 

The guide includes numerous ways to adapt all of the official existing circles for a planar Druid, including circle spell substitutions, expanded beast and fey lists that reflect the natural environment of each plane for conjuring, wild shape, and beast spells, adjustments to existing spells, plus other options for modifications. Additionally, the guide introduces 11 all new circles, each with a flavor and strategy deeply rooted in the lore and history of the plane they represent:

  • Underdark: Channel the ancient and mysterious power of Faerzress to protect your friends and disrupt your enemies.
  • Shadowfell: Manipulate the stuff of shadows to shape the world to your will.  
  • Feywild: Tap into your capricious Fey nature to charm, deceive, and make mischief.
  • Elemental Planes: Draw on the forces of the elemental planes to empower your offensives.
  • Astral Sea: Summon the power of mindbeasts to uncover – and even steal – the minds of your enemies.
  • Ethereal Plane: Few walls can hold a far traveler from the transitive plane.
  • Upper Planes: Bless and protect your allies with investitures from the divine realms.
  • Lower Planes: Exploit demonic boons that grant you great power – at a terrible price.
  • Mechanus: Use your mechanical cunning and calculation to turn the flow of battle. 
  • Far Realms: You are an alien being of terror and madness. Lean into that.
  • Nethling: As a living, breathing avatar of the living demiplane, you manifest the assimilated knowledge and powers of a host of planar travelers.

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