Eberron: Papers Please

Across Khorvaire, the diligent and loyal scribes of House Sivis work tirelessly to produce and provide the civilised world with documentation. Identification papers, travel permits, birth and death certificates, lightning rail tickets, and more can all be found in this collection. 

A roleplay enchancement tool for your Dungeons and Dragons game in Eberron or elsewhere, with handouts for the virtual and traditional tabletop! 


  • 27 forms of documents, tickets, and certificates.
    • Identifcation available to print and fill out instantly (A4) 
    • Forms to customise and share.
    • Variations of documents for Digital Handouts, with up to 5 variations per document for bigger parties.
    • Seals, stamps, and textures to enrich your control of customisation. 
  • A PDF containing written guidelines about how each document is intended to be filled out, with commentary on the uses and frequency of given paperwork. 
    • Including a folder with example documents for easy use. 
  • Coloured digital handouts and B&W handouts ready for print. 

This product is priced at $6.98


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