Encounters along the Long Road

Encounters along the long Road is an excerpt from Veratrem’s Tribal Siege, an adventure that takes place during Chapter 3 of Storm King’s Thunder.

The adventure is designed for the Storm King’s Thunder campaign and is intended to give your players extra content during Chapter 3.
It will bring your party to Wealdham, a small town located in the Westwood.
There, they will face off with Veratrem, a young green dragon that has taken control of a local kobold tribe.
If the adventurers think they can easily take the weak creatures, they have a surprise coming to them…

In this free supplement, you can find 8 new encounters that can happen to adventurers traveling along the Long Road.
The encounters are tailored to Storm King’s Thunder, but work well in any Forgotten Realms campaign (or, with a little more work, any campaign!).

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Check out Veratrem’s Tribal Siege, where the adventurers must save a small town town from a kobold tribe lead by an ambitious young green dragon!


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Check out Trouble in Wealdham, where the adventurers must save the town from an undead threat!


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