Woodlands Dungeons 1

This charming and unique map set works with the Goblinwood location as well as all my other art packs. The overlays from my Woodlands Basic Maps and Overlays set would work with these maps.

A set of ready-to-use dungeons, from simple castle ruins, woodlands exterior locations and multi-level forest fortresses, to more complex and creative maps like a multi-level watery cave village. Includes 10 unique locations, and with recolours and overlays, there are 24 total assets in the pack.


Multi-layer forest fort camp

Multi-layer aquatic cave camp interior, including underwater and above water dwellings

forest castle day and night

forest castle ruin day and night

garden map day and night

graveyard day and night

hedge labrynth day and night

dragon skeleton camp day and night

shrine ruins day and night

temple ruins day and night

waterfall day and night

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