558 The Shifting Laboratory

Traveler! This is a dungeon-crawling map of a l=avish manor with a strange dungeon with shifting walls beneath. This public=ation is not part of the Dungeon Vault Magazine compilatio=n. Instead, it belongs to an adventure published in the DM’s Guild called “=An Artificer’s Tale“. Here’s the BLURB:

In An Artificer’s Tale, We follow the story of Adrian Shradne=r. He is an artificer, a mage of the future. He has the mind of a genius an=d has accomplished marvelous things throughout the years. He lives in a man=or by the city’s outskirts. He built a magical laboratory beneath his lavis=h home. He calls it The Shifting Laboratory. Helped by his bright assistant=, Eila Spring, they have created a series of automatons in the shape of met=allic, golden beetles!

However, Adrian’s =ambition went too far with a specific ritual that would double the size of =his dungeon. It all backfired and he lost control of his beetle automatons.= He is now trapped in the deepest chamber of his dungeon. Eila just barely =made it out alive. She seeks the help of strong heroes to help her teacher.= Adrian’s knowledge is too valuable to let it go to waste!

This is a level 7 adventure with a bit of dungeoneering=, combat, and the discovery of a strange typo of clockwork monsters

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