Clifftop Warcamp

Hey everyone!

We=lcome to the Clifftop Warcamp where generals and officers plan their assaul=ts on the lands below. Individuals can be lowered by the rickety wood and r=ope lift to the battlefield and the giant warhorn can call out orders.

<=p style=3D"margin:10px 0;">This map was made to accompany a new Borough Bou=nd city, Crabwell, which we just completed! Check out this preview image of= the whole city:

The city is really packe=d with detail and there’s interiors for several of these buildings as well =as NPCs, music tracks, plot hooks and more! (in case you’re wondering the w=arcamp extends for the south east of this map).

If you’re interested and want to see more about this city, check it out= HERE==2E