Crabwell 04 – The Trouble to Come

At long last,= here’s our final release for Crabwell! This bundle is a big one. We’ve got= our first proper collaboration with Cze and Peku, a super-sized document, an epic plot hook to round =out your Crabwell adventures, bonus music, and so much more. We’re so excit=ed to be able to complete the ancient walled with this hefty release.

Please note that we will be releasing Crabwell=: Definitive Edition sometime in March. That release will include the fully= stitched map (with some issues of the above map sorted out), some tweaks t=o the PDF, the Foundry module, VTT tokens, etc.=C2=A0

Borough Guide<=/h3>

Throughout their time in Crabwell, your pla=yers are likely to pick up on some worrying portents. There’s trouble comin=g to Crabwell, and this guide explains what that might be. The prophetic Da=ughters of Thaella have been having premonitions, and Entac has demanded th=e defense of the city. What do they know that everyone else doesn’t? Meet a= squad of legendary mages with their own fair share of problems, and then d=o your best to forestall the impending tragedy!


The final quadrant of Crabwell focuses on Outer Crabwe=ll, the rural stretches outside the city walls where most residents actuall=y live. There are olive trees, apiaries, and a tiny tiny house for a tiny t=iny goblin.

We’ve also got a gorgeous cathedral= map with a stunning interior for Chief Courier patrons, and some hints tow=ard the nearby war camp. Of course, now that your players know about the up=coming troubles, those battle map variants are likely to find quite a bit m=ore use.


Your players are going t=o want to approach the war camp. When they do, you should play “Approaching= the War Camp.” Trust us. That is the right track to play. Moody lute, stea=dy drums, and distant horns really make the tone of this one clear: there i=s an epic army stationed here, and the scale of the upcoming conflict is va=st. If that version is a little too busy, there’s also a variant that featu=res only the drones and the drums, perfect for focused conversations or inv=estigations. We’re also including another new variant from Will’s back cata=log: a new version of his track “Mother of All,” specially remixed to evoke= the peaceful moods inside the cathedral.

War Camp | =Collaboration with Cze and Peku

Despite all= of the work Cze and Peku put into Borough Bound, this is the first time BB= and C&P have done a full-fledged collab. This week, the cartographers =extraordinaire have created a stunning war camp map for your players to vis=it. While we’re including one version of this map that perfectly fits the t=errain and mood of Crabwell, you should keep your eyes peeled for Cze and P=eku’s full war camp post on their Patreon in a few days. They’ll be releasing oodles and oodl=es of variants for all sorts of different scenarios.=C2=A0

If you don’=t already know Cze and Peku’s work, you really owe it to yourself to check =out their incredible library of RPG battle maps. There’s a very good re=ason that they’re some of the most highly respected artists in this space.<=/p>