Dungeon Tiles 1

For the final release of Feb=ruary I’ve got our latest addition to the asset library to share with you; =the beginning of what I anticipate being a growing, modular series: Dungeon Tiles!

Since the release o=f the “remastered” underwater assets last fall I’ve been toying with the id=ea of revisiting some of my core, older themed sets in order to bring them =in line with the quality and functionality that I currently expect for myse=lf. In some cases this might be as simple as repainting older assets or exp=anding existing options, but for Dungeons specifically I wanted to take a m=ore fundamentally different approach than the currently existing Dungeon Assets.

Because dungeons often cover such a h=uge array of different themes and contents it simply doesn’t feel appr=opriate (or feasible) to try a pack made up of objects when we already have= the above pack and lots of others (as linked below) I instead wan=ted to try a set that would make the very construction of dungeons= as easy as possible, both for online and in-person play.

Thus… dungeon tiles! This pack of 105 full=y modular, 8×8 square tiles covers a core tenant of hallways and room shape=s/sizes that don’t need to be rotated (thereby breaking some of the seamles=s textures) and are still hand drawn and complete with detail like the cobb=lestone wall border (let’s not talk about how long that took).

In addition to the base set of tiles seen here, I’ve al=so included a mini-set of “Webbed” tiles that take a set of 8 various tiles= and populate them with webbing akin to what you’d expect players to stumbl=e into in a dungeon infested with monsters of the arachnid variety. I inten=d to continue doing at least one of these subset pre-populated til=e themes in future expansions of this series.

And if you have yo=ur own thoughts for ways we could help equip you in the dungeon-building pr=ocess, please say so!

Check it out!