Magical Forest Set 4

Greetings adventurers, and thanks for joining u=s once again!=C2=A0

This month we=E2=80=99ll= be venturing into the forest proper, and we hope you=E2=80=99ve got your w=oodcutter wools on! This time around we=E2=80=99ll be having a set of nine =maps that combines into a traversable area, complete with caves, a small fa=e rune circle, and magicked woodland!

First =up though, the first part of the forest in its entirety!

The daylight version of the woods comes in two version:= lit and unlit, for those of you who prefer the maps without rays and light=ing effects. The whole map comes is ringed by a non-terrain border as a bac=kdrop: the printable maps cut to the walkable zone, while the online one co=mes with an extra side area.

In this= set is a thick forest pathway that combines into a three-piece map like th=is in itself, creating a traversable path through the thickets. The norther=n edge marks the entrance to the forest itself, followed by a crossroads, a=nd it ends in a small cave entrance.

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And that=E2=80=99s all for this set, sta=y tuned for the next!


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Check it out!