Magical Forest Set 5

Welcome back adventurers!

In this set, we=E2=80=99ll be navigating deeper into the forest, =where we’ve got a winding path that starts with a road through denser bough=s, with a tougher crossing underfoot!=C2=A0

=The rare spool of light makes the area no easier to pass:

South of the path is an ancient crossroad where hints o=f weathered pavings marks some signs of civilization.

To the south is a conspicuous ring of stones and a ring=ed tree. There=E2=80=99s a stone door in this one too, and more puzzles bey=ond for prospecting adventurers to solve!

Included in these is also a fall= variant in place of the usual sunset variant.

And that=E2=80=99s all for this set, stay with us for the next set!

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