Magical Forest Set 6

Welcome back adventurers!

In this last set, we=E2=80=99ve got the third part of the puzzle =for this forest, including an altar and the thrones of the small lords that= once walked amongst these trees.=C2=A0

Perh=aps they will lead your party to the ruins from the previous set, if you=E2==80=99ve managed to bring them the right sacrifice!

First up is a cliff-side area that overlooks the twisted paths deep=er into the forest, a perfect place for ambushes:

Right below it is an altar, some old offerings, and a set of em=pty thrones. In the foggy variant, a blood splatter on one of them hints th=at only two of these beings remain in the woods:

And finally, to the south, strange trees straighter and whit=er than any from this part of the forest marks out a clearing. Between this= and stumps to the west, your party might find a way out of these odd trees= yet.

In the foggy variant, some blood=ied prints may have marked someone’s escape into another realm:

And that=E2=80=99s all for this set, adventurers!=

Next month we=E2=80=99re back to more speci=fic forest maps again: places with enchanted swords, the odd magical lake, =and the necessary stranger=E2=80=99s cottage one naturally encounters in th=ese dark places. We=E2=80=99ll also be adding more variation to the actual =trees itself, with white woods and mushroom paths instead of plain ol=E2=80==99 summer greens.

We will see you deeper in= the woods! Until then!


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