March Release Preview

Patron Download Link: (Will go= up in the afternoon on the 1st)

March is a =very special month for us, because it’s CobraMode’s birthday as well as Eri=n’s birthday! CobraMode is now 2 years old, can you believe it? The time ju=st flew by…

We have our wonderful patrons =to thank for the success we’ve had in the last two years. Truly, we’re so h=appy and grateful to have gathered such a group of creative, fascinating, f=unny, and generous people together in one spot. Without you, we could never= be making our weird art, supporting new artists, and creating lore for our= ever-expanding universe. Thank you so much! And a special shout out to the= amazing painters and printers who have been sharing their work on social m=edia and in the discord. Sometimes people don’t realize they need an Axolot=l Dragon until they see someone’s amazing print or paint on Reddit or Insta=gram. Every post you make can help people see how fun it is!

If you haven’t joined the Discord channel yet, make sure t=o connect your Discord account to Patreon so that you can get added to the =Cobra Chat! Go to and connect your account from there. The next ti=me you open Discord, you should be in the Cobra Chat.

This month we went back to our roots; Hanzaki! One of our first f=ans was an account on Instagram called Mander Mayhem, who loved our Hanzaki= so much he commissioned a 3d print before we even had our Patreon set up. =Since then, these little salamander ninjas have been one of our fan favorit=es. So it was fitting that we created a collection around them for our 2nd =Anniversary, along with a new Ryujin mob-boss to order them around. Erin al=so sculpted the fantastical throne setup of the Ryujin, a gigantic set piec=e that is not for the faint of heart. For size reference, a Ryujin is about= 120mm tall, making the set piece around 240mm! We’ve cut it apart with the= intention of fitting most standard size printers, but it may take awhile..==2E

We al=so have a wonderful Hanzaki Tea Shop=20=building this month, from Kittifizz. With the design from Paul Ferret, she =created the perfect hangout spot for all your collected Hanzaki 😀

TheBetaMarie went =wild this month with the bases, creating 2 sets that are almost like scenic= flats! Believe it or not, like all our bases, they can be printed supportl=ess if you put them flat on the print bed. TheBetaMarie test prints her bas=es every month to make sure you don’t need anything extra to print them. Th=e same goes for the scatter decoration bits she provided this month, to hel=p fill out your Hanzaki Tea Shop. And as usual, Ca=lrais has done our lovely renders.

We ha=ve several Cross-Promos lined up for March, which we’ll be talking about as= we go through the month. But our first one is with Mojibake, who is runnin=g a froggy Kickstarter. I’ll be doing a post soon to highlight them, and th=e 3 cute frogs they shared with our patrons this month!

On the MyMiniFactory front, we’re all caught up with the collec=tions. I’ll be uploading the February collection soon, and will grab the fi=nal list of emails from Patreon in the evening to make sure everyone’s in t=here.

Now for the Lore! To read the full Cob=raCompendium, which has all the lore and a numbered listing of all our coll=ections, follow this link:


=Katsuhito – Ryujin of Smoke

Ruler o=f a territory close to the Qian Sheng Shan, Katsuhito absorbed a large port=ion of Izanami=E2=80=99s former territory after the fall of her reign. He c=ontrols several sources of minerals, the byproducts of which give his Hanza=ki forces some unique weapons. The land is also particularly suited to grow=ing a species of narcotic water lily which Katsuhiko exports to many places=, both illicitly and openly. A highly addictive drug, Blue Lily is difficul=t to grow anywhere else, making the Territory of Smoke the sole reliable pr=oducer. Although this is probably not the only reason nobody else dabbles i=n this trade; like most Ryujin, Katsuhito is extremely greedy and jealous, =and will do anything to protect his monopoly.

These three Hanzaki ninjas from the Territory of S=moke use a special mineral mined only in their region to create their bombs==2E The bombs range from smoke grenades=, to poison gas, to shrapnel-filled, a=nd everything in between. Because of their frequent proximity to explosions=, the Grenadiers wear more protective clothing than most Hanzaki, although =their cautiousness doesn=E2=80=99t extend much farther than that. This trio==E2=80=99s love of mayhem is infamous, even among the classically wild sala=manders.

Harukage – Hanzaki= Champion

Nicknamed =E2=80=9CThe God of War==E2=80=9D, Harukage is a legend amongst the Hanzaki. His signature weapon, =Sutoku=E2=80=99s Revenge, is a smoldering glaive with magical properties. F=orged by the Tengu, it=E2=80=99s a rare weapon that was personally gifted t=o Harukage by the Ryujin of Smoke, Katsuhito. A young prodigy famed for his= skills in battle, he was granted the special title of =E2=80=98Champion=E2==80=99, and is sent out only for the most important missions. Idolized and =respected by his peers, every Hanzaki knows his name.

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