Medical And Laboratory Props

This pack of props includes 69 unique medical a=nd laboratory-themed props from medical beds to microscopes and whiteboards==2E=C2=A0

I=t took longer than I expected to pr=epare the release as I built a bunch of macros for Photoshop to produce dif=ferent color and size variants much faster in the future.=C2=A0

Also, this is sort of an alpha release for the new nami=ng convention including the grid size, color, and category of the asset. No=w that I have the new naming convention in place, I’ll start going through =my old assets and renaming and reorganizing them.=C2=A0

Finally, the new process has Dungeondraft and Foundry VTT compa=tible asset size and format integrated. I haven’t yet made the DD assets pa=ck or FVTT module, but that’s something I’m going to work on once I have th=e current work-in-progress maps done.=C2=A0

=I hope you like the new assets and find them useful.=C2=A0


You can download the prop pack HERE=C2=A0

(Requires Adventurer or higher tier membership. If the link does not =open, please check that you are logged in to Patreon)

You can also find this prop pack and all the other assets and bon=us content in the Assets= and Bonus Content Archive.