Parking Garage

Dimensions – [33×28] squares

Map Resolution – 4260 x 3920= px

Hey there my awesome Patreon supporters!= For the last battle map of the month, we have a bread and butter kind of m=ap that almost everyone needs – a parking garage (or a multi-storey car par=k, as it is called outside the US).

=Map Chaining

Since most buildings a=re likely to have parking garages, this map can easily be narratively chain=ed with many of my other maps. The best ones in my opinion are:


I couldn==E2=80=99t get too fancy with a parking garage map. I tried initially to ad=d some fancy details but it started to not look like a garage anymore. So I= decided to make the space darker and moodier instead. I also added more va=riants than I normally would to give you guys a wider scope of playing opti=ons.

As you can see from the variants, quite= a few different gaming scenarios are possible with this map pack. Let=E2==80=99s talk about them briefly.

Car=go Elevator

This one is pretty stra=ight forward with many possibilities. Thanks to the Frag Maps Discord group= for suggesting this one.=C2=A0

The cargo el=evator is large enough to fit two cars but in this case, I=E2=80=99ve added= large cargo containers instead. The narrative might be that weapon crates =are being moved or stowaways may be found hiding in said containers. The co=ntainers also provide cover for the occupants trying to exit the elevator i=n the midst of combat.

The Handover<=/strong>

Inspired by the many movies I=E2=80==99ve watched where two black government-type SUV=E2=80=99s meet up in an u=nderground parking garage to make an asset exchange. A hostage, cash, or va=luable data drive(s)? Like Bob Ross once said, =E2=80=9CYou decide=E2=80=9D==2E=C2=A0

T=he best part is having your players= try to stop the handover by preparing an ambush, only to be ambushed thems=elves by a different group arriving via the four exit/entry points.

Cargo Theft

This is another =E2=80=9Ccatch them in the act=E2=80=9D variant. T=his one features a mysterious black van, with blacked out glass windows, un=loading cardboard boxes filled with “something”. Looks innocent enough.


Car Tiles + Base Map

This variant allows you to configure the available co=ver around the parking lots, by adding/removing car groups. An empty parkin=g garage map is provided so you can layer the tiles on top in your virtual =tabletop software (e.g. Foundry VTT, Roll20 etc).

For those of you who are wondering why I didn=E2=80=99t use .PNG file=s with transparency for the car tiles, here are the reasons:

  1. Th=e cars affect the lighting of everything around them. Cast shadows on walls= and floors especially. Also, I find shadows that get overlaid via .PNG fil=es never look quite the way I painted them.
  2. Lining up the tiles to= the base map is easier when there is surrounding environment to act as ref=erence markers. This ensures that everything lines up correctly.

<=p style=3D"margin:10px 0;">As usual, thank you for your support. Withou=t your contributions, none of this would be possible. Let me know how you l=ike this battle map pack and what scenarios you plan to run on it!


Map Variants

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    • Cargo Elevator (baked map= + tile)

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    • As above +
    • The Handov=er (baked map + tile)
    • Cargo Theft (baked map + tile)
    • 4 x =car tiles + empty parking garage base map

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