People Can Gain a New Life at the Temple of Rebirth!

Traveler! Thousands of years ago, a dragon scho=lar and mage envisioned a world in which creatures could gain a second chan=ce beyond their death to complete the grandiose purpose of their life. Thus= he created the Altar of Rebirth. By cringing the corpse of a creature to i=t, it is reformed and given a second chance at life. However, there is a ca=tch!

Those revived in the altar must choose =a higher purpose or something to achieve for the rest of their second life.= Later, when they fail, achieve it, or refuse to pursue it, the gift of sec=ond life ends and their souls are bound in service to the Temple of Rebirth==2E They must now protect the temple an=d eventually help power the arcane dev=ice in the great domed hall. A great reward that comes at a steep price. Ar=e the PCs brave enough to dare this binding pact?

This is a level 5 adventure with a bit of exploration, investigation =of an ancient temple, and the opportunity to revive a fallen warrior with a= new purpose in life! Here’s a low-def preview of this illustration:


Here’s a close-up of the temple’s entrance. The= gates are engraved with a lavish relief of a flying phoenix. A foreshadowi=ng of the reviving nature of the temple and the phoenix effigy in the main =hall.=C2=A0

The great Altar of Rebirth fe=atures an intricate effigy of the flaming bird, the phoenix. Placing the co=rpse of a creature in one of the rune circles causes the body to be desinte=grated. The creature is then reformed in the opposite rune circle and given= a second chance at life.

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