WIP March Teaser! Katsuhito, Ryujin of Smoke

Phew, we made it! Of course for CobraMode’s bir=thday, we had to do something BIG. Here’s a crime-lord Ryujin in his opium =den, with a little fan hanzaki for scale. The Ryujin are really huge (Norin=aga is about 120mm tall), so just imagine how big this whole scene will be!= I expect to see some freehand paints on the folding screen behind him 😉

Katsuhito – Ryujin of Smoke<=/p>

Ruler of a territory close to the Qian Sheng= Shan, Katsuhito absorbed a large portion of Izanami=E2=80=99s former terri=tory after the fall of her reign. He controls several sources of minerals, =the byproducts of which give his Hanzaki forces some unique weapons. The la=nd is also particularly suited to growing a species of narcotic water lily =which Katsuhiko exports to many places, both illicitly and openly. A highly= addictive drug, Blue Lily is difficult to grow anywhere else, making the T=erritory of Smoke the sole reliable producer. Although this is probably not= the only reason nobody else dabbles in this trade; like most Ryujin, Katsu=hito is extremely greedy and jealous, and will do anything to protect his m=onopoly.

Check it out!