FREE Map – Resting Scene | On the Wagon

Hey guys!

This i=s a free map I’m offering to everyone that includes a Resting Scene and [3] wagon asset/tokens.

The Restin=g Scene is intended to be something used in VTT environments like Roll=20 or Foundry, where the party is traveling over multiple sessions and retu=rns to the wagon after a given encounter, where you can have social encount=ers and a place to simply begin/end sessions that provides consistency and =relevance.

The [3] Wagon Tokens depict a 2-s=tory caravan wagon (20′ x 10′) with an asset/token for the Lower Level<=/em>, Upper Level and Rooftop view.

In my campaign, the PC’s have been hired by a caravan merchant as= extra muscle for a treacherous road, and so the PC’s operate/live in the l=ower level, while the merchant and his full-time crew bunk upstairs, provid=ing plenty of interesting social encounters as they travel and meet encount=ers along the way.

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Jeff @ Morvold<=/p>

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