March Compilation

-Good afternoon guys, new miniatures this month==2E


This m=onth I haven’t had time to make all the reders we wanted. In a few days I w=ill add more. But you can already see what will be included this month more= or less.

Tomorrow I will also upload the re=nder of the second piece of the modular bridge.

We are finishing right now the elven drako, so if everything goes well =you will receive it together with this month’s miniatures.

For the month of April I anticipate that we will be working:=

-On our personal version of the Skycutter-d=ragon of the Sea Guard.

-A High Kingdom batt=ery

-Heavy cavalry of the Warriors of the As=hes

-Hero of the Black Knights

– Saurian Hero on raptor.

If anyone is missing o=ld files, please write to us privately as usual.

As always thank you very much for =the support=C2=A0

Check it out!