Pirate Borg is live on Kickstarter!

1. THANK YOU. I couldn’t have =even attempted a project on this scale without the support of you =guys. You literally made it happen for me. Thank you for letting me have th=e silly dream job possible.

2. Pirate Borg is live on Kickstarter. (Sor=ry if you got more than one notification about it.)

3. Pirate Borg isn’t just for M=C3=B6rk Borg or OSR players. I=’m making a D&D 5e Zine with stats for all the monsters. So Ghost of Saltmarsh and Call of the Deep peeps… I’=m looking a you!

4. If you pledge with a phy=sical reward in the first 48 hours you’ll get a free solo =micro RPG wave crawl zine I’m making called Dark Tides.

5. Please tell your friends! You can help by:<=/p>

  • Retweeting/liking/commenting on this tweet.
  • Share this link via= email or Facebook.
  • Upvote and comment on these Reddit posts (coming throughout the day).
  • Talking= in other Discord servers about Pirate Borg.
  • Call your family and =friends and convince them playing a grimdark TTRPG about pirates is the key= their future happiness. (It’s true).


Luke | Limithron

Check it out!