Voice of the Woods – Adventure Collaboration

Hello all! Gonna start off March on a high note with a Bonus Re=lease and another adventure made in collaboration with our friends= at Kelfecil’s T=ales!

The Voice of the Wood=s is an adventure of mystery revolving around a corruption found deep =within the forest. This adventure is balanced for an 8th level party and pits players against contingents of strangely aggressive pla=nt creatures as they slowly reveal more of what has caused this disturbance= within the woods.=C2=A0

This adventure make=s use of previously released maps and tokens and therefore you all get to e=njoy it completely free! Simply click the download link below to a=ccess the PDF and the 3 battle maps used throughout the adventure. $2+ patr=ons will make good use of the Forest Foes Part 1 and Forest Foes Part 2 =C2=A0tokens rel=eased a year ago in this adventure.=C2=A0

Check it out!