Release the Kraken on the Adventures around Jalovhec HexMap!

Here’s a map from 2019 that we’re re-releasing =today.

Sprawling over the area where the Gre=enbeck river joins the Vhec is the trading centre of Jalovhec. A =E2=80=9Cp=oint of light=E2=80=9D in an area of dark forests, wastelands, and inhospit=able low mountain ranges, Jalovhec is walled and well defended against pred=ation by the locals and assisted by its trading partners.

The whole area around the city is ripe for adventure =E2=80==93 the forests are home to strange creatures and foul humanoids, the waste=lands were once home to elder civilizations, and the mountains were mined i=n the last age by clans of dwarves.

This map= was an experiment with how I draw hexmaps =E2=80=93 the maps I drew for Th=e Fantasy Trip involved a lot of nice crunchy hand-drawn hexes and I though=t it would be fun to make the hexes a central part of the design of a regio=nal hexmap instead of an overlay on the map when done. A lot of inspiration= for this came from the incredible work of Karl Stjernberg (who goes by sku=llfungus on most social media) whose loose and yet heavy style is wonderful= to behold.


Check it out!