Jungle Ruins, Public 30×30

Hello, everyone!

These ruins can be found inside the deep jungle. An uncharted land that no=w your players will be tasked to survive. Many old mysteries await here, bu=t now it will be up to them to discover if they=E2=80=99re for good or ill.=

There are also said that the ancient spirit=s of the land still roam this place, but their intentions, just like everyt=hing else, are a mystery to be solved.

The c=reature tokens for this map are a Githzerai Monk, a Grim Reaper and a Marid. Emerald tier gets the =Grim Reaper while Diamond tier gets all three. In addition, Sapphire tier g=ets extra creature token variants.

Thank you= very much for your support as always and have fun!

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