Dungeon Vault Magazine – Issue 19 is LIVE

This is issue No. 19 of Dungeon Vault Magazine.= A compilation of adventures, lore, excellent cartography, and useful digit=al goodies. We’re featuring guest writers= to add some more content and give the magazine even more value and usabili=ty!

This number has the special contribution= of four guest authors. They are Alex Rinehart, AJ= Freyley, Dana Floberg, and=C2=A0Vladimir= “El Vlado” Rodriguez.

Dung=eon Vault Magazine is all about providing interesting ideas and lo=re to DMs and storytellers. Within this issue, you will find varied adventu=re ideas.

These short modules do not stick t=o a unified template of sections. Instead, they are organically created and= follow their own pace. The types of modules you can expect are city/town s=ettings, regional settings, dungeons, outdoor locations, encounter maps, an=d one-page adventures.

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