March's Rewards Sent

Hi everyone,

It =has been a very busy month for us – we released Sarah of Yellow=crest Manor earlier this month (which was a lot of work) and then the P=atreon maps have really been a bumper set today. The Four Towers of Vigal’s= Watch, each with lots of interiors and a ruined version, the North Gate (a=gain with interiors), Grandma’s Cottage, another level of Saint-Gerrin sewe=r, and for Sci-Fi the Transmitter Station and another level of the Petralun=a Prison Mine.

Lots and lots of maps!

They’re available now. We’ve updated the VTT &= Foundry Vaults with the maps, and you’ve got messages in your inbox with D=TRPG codes to claim the full versions.=C2=A0

Don’t forget to visit the Adventure Supplement page and grab the multi-pag=e pdf for the towers.

Thanks so much for you=r support!

Joe & Sarah

Check it out!