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The Cloak of Dagger’s art and card files a=re now public and considered OGL content*! Grab them with the links below o=r on the Ledger+! Have fun with them, and keep on= adventuring!

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New item comes out tomorrow! See you there!


* All items =in the Free tag are considered OGL content. Credit m=ust be given to The Griffon’s Saddlebag when used, including The Griffon’s =Saddlebag in the Open Gaming License included with your content, and any it=em’s art or description cannot be altered or separated when you do. You may= not use this content in any published works on DMsGui=ld, DriveThruRPG, or similar site, as their terms of service =allow them to seize ownership of this content from the Saddlebag.


Hey adventur=ers! Happy Saddleday!

As part of the weekly =cycle of items, you get to vote for an item’s art and cards to be made free= for everyone. Some items may already be free, which accounts for any missi=ng entries you may see in the poll.

Freeable items

Patrons can submit, workshop, and nominate item idea=s to be made through the community Discord!

If you’re already a patron: thank you for your support! If you’=re not, enjoy the free content, and be sure to hit the Follow button on the= Overview pa=ge to know when free content is made available!

Keep on adventuring!


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