5 Years of Maps Celebration: Open the Vault!

So I’ve been busy enoug=h with ongoing projects for you all that I (almost) let our 5 year =anniversary of the patreon come and go! BUT NO. Not quite. 5 years= is a huge milestone and I can’t tell you how daunting it =is to think back at how all of your collective support has enabled me to in=dependently pursue a creative career in the TTRPG space over those years.

CLEARLY, so=me thanks is in order–I am excited to reveal the “first event” of our 5 ye=ar celebration: Open the Vault. All patrons at the Pilgrim and Strategist tiers (that’s about ~2/3 =of you) already get instant access to the last 2 years of our content libra=ry through the C=ompilation Compendium. For the entire month of March in celebr=ation of where all of this started I am expanding that access to 3 =years of content by adding on the entire first year of maps I prod=uced (download link below).=C2=A0

This year =of content includes a pretty diverse selection of battle maps, regions, dun=geons, and settlements that created the lore backdrop for much of battle-fo=cused content over the first half of this patreon’s lifespan. A good deal o=f it was inspired by our own homebrew campaign and setting and I hope that =personal touch of care and engagement still shines through (even if I feel =my technical skill has grown since that point).=C2=A0

If you’re in the Explorer tier or above however,= don’t fret! As the announcement suggests this is but the first event I hav=e in store over the course of the month. We’ve got some big rollouts planne=d that I hope will continue to excite and represent some amount of the grat=itude I have for you all.=C2=A0

Check it out!