Piltover Bridg=e (League of Legends/Arcane)

Our second map from the Riot Games and Netflix =show, Arcane! =C2=A0Fortiche and Riot brought some amazing places to life a=nd this was one of my favourites, The Piltover Bridge.

This map was really fun to figure out and might be the longest m=ap of ours to date.

We hope you enjoy it!

<=p style=3D"margin:10px 0;">$1 Rewards – Piltover Bridge=C2=A0

$2 Rewards – Piltover Bridge + Barricade=C2=A0

$3 Rewards – Piltover Bridge Set + Viggorn the Mourning Mercen=ary =C2=A0

Thanks for your support!

Check it out!